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Electric Bike Hire

An e-bike (electric bicycleis a bicycle with an electric motor built in that can be used to assist one whilst cycling.  

E-bike's are a fantastic option for those who can't currently cycle the Rail Trail due to a medical condition, fitness or age.  If cycling the Rail Trail seemed a far-away dream, riding an E-bike may now make it a possibility!

E-Bike's availble at Cycle Surgery are a Uni-Sex Step Thru Bike with the motor in the back wheel and battery fitted to the rear rack. With 4 levels of assistance, the e-bike allows you to choose the level of assistance you require.  Included in the hire is a charging cable to each night you can charge your battery ready for the next day.

We have a range of E-Bikes to suit all sizes including an extra small frame suitable for clients 145cm and over.  


E-Bike Hire

1-2 Days:  $120.00 per day

3+ Days $95.00 per day 

Contact us today to discuss your E-Bike requirements. 

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