Central Otago Cycle Trail




Cycle Surgery's Unique Bikes Tailored to Central Otago Trail

When travelling any cycle trail, the right gear is critical. There's obvious stuff such as your helmet (the cooler, the better), shoes (comfortable is good), and biking bodysuit (please make sure it fits). There's slightly more advanced equipment, like mounted water bottles, bike computers, special lights, locks, gizmos, and the like. Then there's the essential gear, including the right bike for the job. Having a bicycle that fits the terrain you're riding makes whatever journey you're on that much more enjoyable. No one understands this better than Cycle Surgery, as we've designed the very first custom bike for a specific path, the Central Otago Cycle Trail. Through painstaking research and study of the trail, we've created a complete package cycle with maximum quality and comfort in mind. Other cycles may get you down the Otago Cycle Trail, but only ours will get you down there like this.



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What Sets Our Otago Cycle Trail Bike Apart?


The secret is in the specific design. We've included features required for braving the path, like gel cushioned seats to combat annoying chaffing. The raised handlebars are easily accessed and have superior comfort grips so your hands won't get tired while riding. We incorporated durable centre-ridge tyres for a smoother, safer ride, and ultra light wheels that make climbing hills a breeze. Our disc brakes located on the front and rear wheels offer an advanced level of control, and the chain guard we've installed helps to prevent serious injury. We've even included a unisex step-through style frame, which makes getting on and off the bike a snap.

It doesn't just end there, though. When renting a bike, we hook you up with the proper accessories as well. Panniers for carrying your belongings, Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) pedals (basically clipless pedals that serve as an alternative to toestraps and shoeplates), comfortable helmets to protect your melon, a handy repair kit and air pump for handling tyre punctures, and a nifty bottle cage to accommodate your hydration of choice.

Don't forget; we also have a nice selection of tandem bikes, kids bikes, kid trailers, and luggage trailers to fit your specific cycle trail needs.


We Do Much More

Our customised bikes and wide range of bike rentals are admittedly impressive, but they aren't the only reason people choose our service. Our numerous tour packages make hitting the cycle trail in Otago easier and more enjoyable than ever before. We handle your transport to and from the Rail Trail. We take care of your bag transfers. We give you lunch suggestions and evening meal reservations, including the best night-time fare (it isn't nicknamed the "Ale Trail" for nothing). The carefully crafted, detailed itinerary we provide has all the information you need to have a stress free holiday. Why worry about logistics when you'd rather be enjoying the beautiful cycle trail? Enquire about our various vacation packages by calling us on 0800 292 534, email us at hire@cyclesurger.co.nz, or book your trip online. It's one of the best ways to save time and money, not to mention, all online transactions are conducted safely and securely. No matter how you slice it, there's no way to go wrong with our incredible service at Cycle Surgery!