Luggage Transfers

Easy, convenient, reliable!


Our shuttle provides luggage transfers on all Central Otago Trails.    

We carry your bags from accommodation to accommodation so all you have to carry are

your items for your days ride - snacks, water, camera, jacket, wallet ...


 Making is Easy for you!


Cycle Trail Cost per bag per transfer
Otago Central Rail Trail $12.50
Roxburgh Gorge Trail $18.00
Clutha Gold Trail $18.00



Luggage Transfers

  • On arrival your bags will be weighed, and you will be issued with Cycle Surgery Luggage Tags
  • If you cannot fit all you want into a 15kg bag - you can book extra bags to be transferred each day.  Please contact us to book.
  • If you have luggage that you do not require while on the cycle trail - you can have extra bags transferred from one end of the trail to the other and stored until you arrive.  Please contact us to book.


Why do we have a 15kg weight limit?

At Cycle Surgery we value and appreciate our staff.  While doing the luggage transfers our staff have to often carry bags up long driveways and lift bags high into shuttles.  For the health and safety of our drivers we have implemented a 15kg MAXIMUM BAG WEIGHT LIMIT.