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Making The Most of Your Otago Rail Trail Tour


The Otago Rail Trail is one of the loveliest and historically rich trails in all of New Zealand. Though there's no right or wrong path to take on the trail, there are some steps you can take in advance and during your journey to ensure you get the most out of your Otago Rail Trail Tour. Whether you're riding as a couple, with friends, with family, or with your business associates there are various options.



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What You can do to Maximise Your Rail Trail Tour in Otago


First things first. You're going on a bike ride. A potentially long bike ride. You don't want to show up completely out of shape and unable to cycle for more than a few minutes! Now, we aren't suggesting you suddenly whip yourself into Tour de France level conditioning, but becoming accustomed to going on a few extended bike rides is a prudent step. For at least two months before your planned visit, try going on 2-4 bike rides every week. This will get your endurance up to standard for the trail. It will also get your backside accustomed to staying on that bike seat for long periods.

Since you'll be outdoors quite a bit, it's advisable to come prepared with everything you'll need to face the elements. You'll need clothes for varying weather conditions on the Rail Trail in Otago, and to ensure you have everything covered we recommend adding padded bike pants, a waterproof jacket, leggings, gloves, sunscreen, and a change of warm clothes to your arsenal. You'll need water to stay hydrated, and some healthy snacks for those extended periods of time where there are no refreshments or food stops. Making sure you're well prepared for the Otago Rail Trail Tour will allow you to achieve our third recommended step: taking your time.

That's right. This is supposed to be a fun activity, so there's no reason to rush through the experience. You'll want to explore the beauty of the outdoors, and take in the rich history of the Rail Trail, so we advise taking five days to traverse the path. You'll see the sights, meet other cyclists, and get the most out of your adventure that way.


We Can Help You Get to Know The Path

Whether you're a cycling pro or a neophyte just getting their feet wet, we've got the Otago Rail Trail Tour that's right for you. We offer themed tours for couples, which provide a great holiday getaway and opportunity for personal bonding. You could go on one of our group outings, designed for parties of both small and large sizes. You could experience one of our corporate tours for businesses (even groups up to a hundred). Or you could have us design a custom tour for you, with a slightly more personal touch. Just fill out one of our enquiry forms and let us take care of the rest. Whatever your needs, we can help you with the most accommodating Rail Trail tour in Otago. Call us on 0800 292 534, email us at hire@cyclesurgery.co.nz, or book your trip online. Either way, contact us today to learn more.