Our Give Back

The team at Cycle Surgery are dedicated to protecting and enhancing our natural environment. 

We love the environment we live in and we want to help protect our place, our landscapes and our waterways for future generations to enjoy.




Our Responsible Tourism Initiatives for 2020/2021


Cycle Surgery App

We are delighted to announce our Cycle Surgery App is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. The App provide clients with all the information they require for their cycling holiday electronically. 


In the past, clients received a package which included between 20 - 50 sheets of paper.  Our new App will include all the information and not a sheet a paper!


Each client will be sent a code, so they can access all their information.


CS App (2)




Cycle Surgery Water Bottles

For 2020/2021 we will be giving a Cycle Surgery Water Bottle to every client who hires a Cycle Surgery Hire Bike.  Promoting reusable bottles and asking clients to refill their bottles along the way.



Cycle Surgery Clyde Depot

Our Cycle Surgery Clyde Depot is now OPEN.  With our re-build, we are committed to;

  1. Energy-efficient LED lighting
  2. Energy-efficient heating system
  3. Putting in good insulation
  4. Looking into roof solar panels


Rubbish Walk

Once a month, the Cycle Surgery Staff take a rubbish walk.  We choose a section of road and spend an hour walking along collecting the rubbish.  Rubbish collected is then divided into rubbish and recycling and disposed off appropriately.


June 2020 - Earnscleugh Road - from Eureka Road to Hanning Road 




15 Aug - Pip (2)


15 Aug - Rubbish (2).


Initiatives we continue to promote within our business

  • Promoting eco-friendly cycle tourism.  Cycling is the most eco-friendly mode of transport.  Not only is it good for the environment it is great for you!
  • Turning lights and equipment off at night and when not in use
  • Washing bikes only when necessary, otherwise rag wipe down
  • Printing only when necessary.  Using draft and greyscale ink.
  • Recycling all plastics, paper, cans and bottles.
  • Promoting recycling at our depots by having recycling bins
  • Working towards 100% digital recording.
  • Low emission fleet vehicles


Looking after our planet for generations to enjoy!


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