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New Zealand's Finest: The Rail Trail On NZ's South Island is the Spot For Cyclists


If you enjoy cycling, then you've probably done your homework about what features all the best bike trails across the world have in common. You know that they should be challenging, while still being safe and secure enough to ride on (good to be able to push yourself to personal physical limits without fear of mortal injury). You know good bike trails are long enough for you to enjoy (no use calling it a trail if it's just a kilometre or two in length). You know a good trail has some history behind it (something to ponder as you're on your ride). Most importantly, though, you know a good trail has stunning imagery that you can't find just anywhere. The whole reason you cycle outdoors is to see the sights, after all! If you know all that, then you should be aware of Cycle Surgery and the Otago Central Rail Trail in New Zealand. Right up there with Munda Biddi and Route du Comte Jean when it comes to scenery, our 150km cycle trail is a combination of spectacular landscapes and rich New Zealand history.


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Just What Is This Rail Trail in New Zealand?


Glad you asked. The Otago Central Rail Trail is an old railway line (more than 100 years old) that has since been converted to an open recreational facility. Now a public reserve under the management of the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Otago Central Rail Trail Trust, cyclists, walkers, horse riders, and various sightseers travel its paths, absorbing the magnificent views and amazing history of this beautiful trail. It is littered with magnificent viaducts, intricate stonework bridges and tunnels, and the amazing scenery of the New Zealand outdoors. A sight to behold that brings in visitors from near and far.


Sounds Great. How Does Cycle Surgery Fit in?

We're cycle business professionals who have been in the industry for more than 20 years. For over a decade we've been providing bike hire services on the Otago Central Rail Trail in NZ, and love sharing our expert knowledge with fellow cyclists from across the globe. Many things make us unique in the cycling world, chief of which are our custom made mountain bikes designed specifically for the Rail Trail. We use only quality components (suspension forks and seat posts, comfortable seating, disc brakes, high-quality gearing) to create the best possible bike for braving the conditions of the Otago Central Rail Trail. What's more, we make these bikes available to clients to rent and use on their adventure on the long and beautiful path. Not only that, but we know the trail inside and out, and can provide recommendations on paths to take, strategies for riding, and anything else you might want to know. We pride ourselves on service, and never shy away from giving our clients the best. Enquire about our various vacation packages by calling us on 0800 292 534, email us at hire@cyclesurger.co.nz, or book your trip online (it's easy)!