Central Otago 

The Three Great Trails       


The Otago Central Rail Trail

Grade:  Mostly Grade 1 (Easiest) 

Distance:  152km

Number of Days:  3 - 5 Days

Trail Starts:  Clyde or Middlemach

Trail Finishes:  Middlemarch or Clyde

Ideal Cycle Trail for people of all ages and fitness levels

The Roxburgh Gorge Trail

Grade:  Mostly Grade 2 (Easy) with some Grade 3 (Intermediate)

Distance:  21km of Cycling and 12km Jet Boat Ride

Number of Days:  1 Day

Trail Starts:  Alexandra or Lake Roxburgh Dam

Trail Finishes:  Alexandra or Lake Roxburgh Dam

Ideal Cycle Trail for regular, experienced cyclists with a good level of fitness.  

Please note that some sections are narrow and some hill climbs

The Clutha Gold Trail

Grade:  Grade 1 and Grade 2 (Easy and Easiest)

Distance:  73km

Number of Days:  2 Days

Trail Starts:  Lake Roxburgh Dam or Lawrence

Trail Finishes: Larence or Lake Roxburgh Dam


Cycle Surgery has been operating as a tour operator on the Otago Cenrtral Rail Trail since its inception in 2000.  The team at Cycle Suregry love cycling, love Central Otago and love sharing their passion with clients.  Cycle Surgery is delighted to now offer bike hire and tours on The Roxburgh Gorge Trail and The Clutha Gold Trail.

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