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Central Otago has four distinct seasons - each offering a unique experience.  


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*Remember that New Zealand's sun is very strong.  Be sure to wear and carry plenty of sunscreen, regardless of the season.

Spring: September - November

 Temperatures can range from -3 to 20 degrees Celsius.


The weather during spring is often quite changeable. Spring days can be filled with fine, sunny weather and then a sudden change can bring winds, showers and even the occasional snowfall.  The nights can be cooler - even with the odd late frost.


Summer: December - February 

Temperatures can range from 15 -35 degrees Celsius.

In summer, daytime temperatures can reach the mid 30’s, however as it's mostly a dry heat, cycling the Otago Central Rail Trail is still comfortable. The hottest part of the day is between 3.00pm and 4.00pm.  You'll also delight in long daylight hours. Expect cooler nights with temperatures dropping to the low teens at times.


Autumn: March - May

Temperatures can range from 0 -25 degrees Celsius.

Autumn offers crisp, warm, and calm days in Central Otago.  The Autumn colours are magnificent in late April and May. Temperatures can reach the mid-twenties, but drop to just below zero Celsius at night, so expect some frosty mornings.


Winter: June -August

Temperatures can range from -8 -12 degrees Celsius.


Winter days in Central Otago are often frosty and cold.   Please note that from mid-May to mid-September many providers close for the winter.  There are no daily shuttles running, limited accommodation and many cafes close for the winter.  If you are cycling during winter, please make sure you are planned well in advance and aware of providers who are open and closed.

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