Otago Rail Trail Tour Electric Bike Hire



Tour the Otago Rail Trail with Ease with an Electric Bike Hire


Dreaming about biking New Zealand’s original great ride, the spectacular Otago Central Rail Trail? Concerned that you or your riding partner might get exhausted during the 152-kilometre journey and climbing the gradually-elevating slopes? Perhaps, though, you want to test your limits and dedicate yourself to a higher level of fitness yet be assured you’ve got back up in case you tire. Maybe you or your riding partner requires assistance due to a medical condition or very old or young age. Either way, your solution is an Otago Rail Trail tour electric bike hire from Cycle Surgery.

While you cycle, an e-bike (electric bicycle) can assist you if needed. You just turn on the motor and choose from four levels of assistance. We include a battery-charging cable in the hire, and we’ve tested and custom built the highest quality electric bikes. Cycle Surgery is the only Otago Central Rail Trail company that has designed bikes made specifically for the trail, fabricated to perform smoothly within the trail’s usual and varying conditions. Your electric bike hire for the Otago rail trail can be an easy adventure.


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An Electric Bike Hire for Your Otago Rail Trail Exploration is Comfort, Safety and Quality


Cycle Surgery offers a full range of electric bikes including for clients in the “extra-small” height category and those standing 145 centimetres and taller. An Otago rail trail electric bike hire provides comfort and safety for long-distance tours. All our bikes have padded covers with gel seats. If you have never ridden long-distance before, ask anyone who has, and you’ll learn that besides safety, reliability and durability, gel seats are a must or you might feel like you were sitting on a stone all day! Our raised handle bars allow you to ride upright and avoid lower back and neck strain, unlike bikes that require you to lean forward. Large pedals provide a roomy platform which also helps prevent sore foot arches. Clients also like our front and rear disc brakes for extra control, and safety.

Why not bring the entire family? We offer an array of children’s bikes, and trailers, add-on bike seats, and tag-a-longs for you to tow them comfortably and safely. Perhaps you’re wondering about specifics for the best long-distance biking experience for you and your child? We can advise: We have cycled the Rail Trail with our own kids!


Cycle Surgery Can Transport You

Do you want to plan stops along the Trail for visits and overnight stays? We can help you create an itinerary and transport passengers and bikes along the Rail Trail as well as your luggage from one stop to the next.

Cycle Surgery has involved in the cycling industry for more than 20 years, providing bike hire for more than a decade on the Otago Central Trail. Cycle Surgery offers first-hand knowledge in cycling, professionalism, passion, and understanding of clients’ needs. We can help you map out the biking adventure of your dreams along a Trail of remarkable beauty.